Top 2007 Brunello Blowout Sale

Brunello As It Was Meant To Be

If you love Brunello di Montalcino as much as I do, but are gun-shy of spending outrageous sums on wines that fail to live up to expectation – lean in, and listen closely: Today’s offer is a trifecta of old school Brunello perfection at unbelievable prices, all from the exceptional 2007 vintage. The three Brunello producers listed below are quality-focused traditionalists that remain true to the vision Clemente Santi, the founder of Brunello, set forth back in the 1860s. Namely, that Brunello should be a wine with an unmistakable sense of place and terroir that tastes nothing like other wines. Its character comes from the earth, not the person who made it. You will want a mixed case of 4 bottles each.

Costanti – Renowned for elegance, drinkability, and floral, spicy bouquets, Costanti keeps yields very low and ages in large botti. Demand always outstrips supply.

Fuligni – Their vineyards are in the “heart of the zone” where Brunello was born. Produced only in the best vintages (none in 2002 for example) and made using traditional methods: steel vat fermentation followed by aging in Slavonian casks. Fuligni Brunello is known for their vibrant aromas, supple tannins, succulent cherry flavors and minerality.

Lisini – Lisini makes quintessential Brunello that has attained cult status with extraordinary demand here in the U.S. Some of the vines hail from the mid-nineteenth century! Fermentation is done in glass-lined cement tanks with aging in large Slavonian botti. Extraordinary Brunello.


2007 Lisini
Brunello di Montalcino

..very beautiful… Sweet dark cherries, flowers, mint and licorice take shape as the wine opens up… finessed, seamless finish laced with sweet hints of tobacco and wild flowers rounds things out in style….

2007 Fuligni
Brunello di Montalcino

…Sweet red berries, flowers, mint, spices and anise are woven together beautifully in this large-scaled, generous wine. The wine gains volume and depth in the glass as the flavors built to a huge crescendo….


2007 Conti Costanti
Brunello di Montalcino

…Sweet floral notes lead to hints of tobacco, wild herbs and spices on the refined finish. Layers of fruit flesh out beautifully in a radiant, expressive wine that captures the essence of the vintage….


Wine for Brunello Lovers: di Neri Scores 100 Points

This is wine for Brunello lovers, made by one himself, Giacomo di Neri. The estate was founded 40 years ago and everything they make is beautiful… all the way to his top cuvee, Cerretalto, which Suckling rates 97 points and the Wine Enthusiast a perfect 100. The Tenuta Nuova cuvee is darn close too. I’m in awe of the dedication of Signor di Neri, and overwhelmed by his Brunellos, all of them. We tasted these new releases with him in Verona a few weeks back at the enorme wine fair VinItaly. The 2008 Tenuta Nuova is among the best of the vintage, which I say even after being chided for not dropping by the estate the last few years. The Cerretalto is stunning and released a year later than the Tenuta Nuova as a reserve. You’re gonna want that.


2008 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova

The sawdust and graphite aromas turn to cherry and raspberry flavors in this vibrant, complex red. A beam of sweet fruit imparts energy and resonance, carrying this to a long, expansive aftertaste….


2007 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino Cerretalto

…perfection. Dark and fleshy, the wine delivers ever-evolving aromas of dark fruit, chocolate, spice and tobacco. The acidity is carefully balanced against the wine’s thickness and rich texture….


Vincenzo’s Valdicava

Recently I had the pleasure of tasting and chatting with Vincenzo Abbruzzese, proprietor of the Valdicava estate in Montalcino. Vincenzo is a tall, fit, handsome man – in his early sixties I would guess. He has a thick shock of salt and pepper gray hair and speaks in a soft baritone. On this night he was dressed casually, but not in the way Americans dress. The fabric of his clothes was too refined, the fit draped too well to be off the rack; probably Brioni or Armani, subtle, no garish icons.

I’m often struck by how much wines can mimic the people who make them, and that thought registered with me on this evening. The Valdicava Brunelli are understated but powerful, sophisticated and urbane with no need to shout – just like Vincenzo. They could be from no other place on the planet, and are comfortable, secure in knowing and expressing exactly what they are.

We tasted the 2009 Rosso di Montalcino, and the Brunelli from 2004, 05, 06 and 07.  On this night, the 06 Brunello was my personal favorite; dark ruby with alluring aromatics, opulent black cherry fruit brightened with perfectly balanced acidity and ripe, refined tannic structure.  It was harmonious and delicious to drink now, but two or three more years of age will be well rewarded.  Eventually, I think the 04 Brunello will outshine its younger brother, but it will require a bit more time.  All of Vincenzo’s Valdicava wines are worth knowing – they are like his children, with only subtle differences.