Dive into a rich history of Greek wine with B-21


The land of Greece and its wine have a history well into antiquity when vines from the Caucasus were distributed throughout the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians finding their way to the islands and mainland of Greece. The Ottoman Turks interrupted progress of cultivation for several centuries with recovery beginning in the 20th century. In the past few decades, in particular when Greece entered the EU in 1981, a serious revolution has been underway throughout Greece from the Islands such as Santorin and Crete as in the Peloponnesian peninsula and beyond. It’s not that we are located in Tarpon Springs, which is a significant Greek community originally attracted by Gulf coast sponge harvesting, but that the quality of Greek wines is now at a world class level. We are proud to share these with you.

Complimentary food and wine tasting Feb 23, Noon-6pm at B21


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